AMTR Updates

October 2014

AMTR Contact List

The AMTR contact list for your LEA/Charter is posted below. Please mark any individual accounts that should be disabled (no longer in the LEA or no longer responsible for the AMTR). If you have corrections, please remove the rows with correct information and send the spreadsheet with corrections to Julian Nichols Wilson.
  • LEAs - If an individual has moved to another school in the LEA, please list the name/code of the new school.
  • Role – If an individual’s role/responsibility has changed, please indicate that change. Please see note about User Roles below.
If you need to register someone for a new account, see the instructions below.
Please send the completed form to:

Region 5 Contact List (updated 10.17.2014)

AMTR General Information

The Annual Media and Technology Report (AMTR), a legislatively mandated instrument, provides data on school media and technology programs to school, district, and state level stakeholders. The information is based on the school and district level media and technology inventories on July 1 of each year. This report gives both the legislature and the public a yearly snapshot of the state of media and technology programs in North Carolina's schools. Questions included in this report are based on the requirements in the North Carolina Educational Technology Plan and requests for data from agencies within the NCDPI and state government. Accuracy is essential as this data can affect fund allocations from state and federal agencies. For additional information, visit


The AMTR is open year round so you may enter data at any time. On June 30th of each year, data is pulled down from the AMTR for the NC School Report Card. Please make sure by June 30th your data is accurate and ready for your NC School Report Card.

AMTR Registration

To register for the AMTR, please see the instructions below. All AMTR data stewards at both the district and school level (including school principals) will need an NCID to log in. For more information about NCID and to locate your district NCID Administrator, who will set up your log in, please visit

Registration instructions

New AMTR Administrators

If you have new people who will be administering are your NCID administrator to set up account and follow the process to sign up for AMTR. Be sure to read the roles about who signs off. The person who enters the data cannot be the same person that signs off on it.

Charter Schools without Administrators

If you currently have no one registered at your site to enter data into the Annual Media and Technology Report (AMTR), please register someone to enter data (School AMTR Administrator) and someone to sign off on completed data entry (School Principal) as soon as possible.

AMTR User Roles

Inquiry only – (view only)
LEA Administrator – district personnel (view/enter data for all schools)
School Principal – school principal (view/sign-off on data for a single school)
School AMTR Administrator (previously School Administrator) – school personnel (view/enter data for a single school)

For additional AMTR information, please contact Julian Nichols-Wilson