external image Save_the_date_2014_Midsize.jpgHelp us make a difference in the future of education by joining us this February 5th for Digital Learning Day! In today's interconnected world, the way students learn is increasingly reliant on digital technologies. This doesn't just mean having
the newest resources and gadgets, it means fully integrating digital learning throughout the entire educational experience. In order to fully prepare students for success in college and a career, schools and libraries everywhere need to embrace digital learning. We can't prepare every child for the digital future without your support. Help us build the wave of innovation this February 5th by ensuring every child has the opportunity to learn in an innovative, digital environment. Great materials that to promote your participation in Digital Learning Day to parents, community leaders, and students are shared at http://digitallearningday.org

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Digital Learning Day Video Competition weather-related deadline extension FEB 26
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